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United Kingdom
Have purchased a glass board from you previously, so came back for a second. \n\nThis time the service was even quicker, we ordered the board after 6pm (UK) on the website and it arrived 2 days later.. superb! \n\nAll the while there was a National Holiday for the King in the Netherlands - top work! \n\nThe guidance note asks for area of improvement.. just one about your 'chat service'.. the operator was vague and closed the conversation before it had finished....I presumed it was getting to the end of shift times. Found it amusing and proceeded with online order anyway (as above).\n\nI will be buying another board from you in the months to come - a music lined one this time - hope to receive the same great service - Keep well ! :o)

Movable stand for glassboards 90x120 cm

Movable stand for glassboards 90x120 cm
Product-SKU: FOGLS000002
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Handy movable stand, characterized by its compact design. Suited for use with a Glass Series whiteboard, blackboard or glassboard in the size of 90x120 cm.

It is mobile and easily movable thanks to the use of the durable and easy to fixate enforced wheels. The stand is placed on a round foot, which makes it easier to be moved through areas where little space is available. Next to that, the stand is height adjustable, offering you the needed flexibility.

Your glassboard can easily be installed on this stand by mounting the stainless steel installation screws of your board into the premade positions on the stand. Your board is then immediately secured in the correct position. This installation method is not only easy to apply and universal applicable, but also very durable. The board is kept safely in place, offering you maximum stability.

  • Compatible with glassboards of 90x120 cm
  • Height adjustable
  • Compact mobile foot
  • Easy to fixate heavy duty wheels
  • Extra durable construction

This stand does not come with a glassboard. Please add this to your order yourself.

Have you got any questions about this product or would you like advice? Feel free to contact us.

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