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United Kingdom
Overall I am very happy with the products. They are of good quality. Website is good and order process was smooth. I have a couple of minor gripes and suggestions as follows;\n\nOne of the markers received with the order was dry.\n\nThe 20mm 'strong' magnets are not fit for purpose. They are far too weak for glass boards. They can hold a single A4 page, but that's about it. I would suggest you stock much stronger magnets for glass boards. I was hoping I'd get the 30mm magnets in the starter kit I ordered as I had seen 30mm magnets on one the images of the starter pack on the website. But even the 30mm may not be strong enough.\n\nIt might be worthwhile including a paper/cardboard template for the drill holes. You need to be very accurate when marking the position of the drill holes and a paper template would be of great assistance.\n\n\n


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SAM online stores is a brand name of SAM International. SAM online stores covers all of our online activities. Both brand names, SAM International and SAM online stores, are trademarks registered by SAM International. We currently have operations in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and the People's Republic of China. 

The Netherlands
SAM International
Ohmweg 2
4104 BM Culemborg

+31 (0)344 820 236
+31 (0)344 820 237

SAM International
Königsallee 2b
40123 Düsseldorf

+49 (0)211 387 89 008
+49 (0)211 387 89 016

United Kingdom
SAM International
25 Canada Square L33
E14 5LQ London
United Kingdom

+44 (0)203 608 1913
+44 (0)203 608 1914

SAM International
De Keyserlei 58-60 b19
2018 Antwerpen
België / Belgique

+32 (0)3 808 1863
+32 (0)3 808 3053

SAM International
7C Place du Dôme
92056 Paris La Défense

+33 (0)182 883 715
+33 (0)182 883 890

SAM International
39 FuFa Road
301721 Tianjin

+86 (0)10 6750 6690
+86 (0)10 6750 6690

General Head office information:

SAM International B.V.
Dutch Chamber of Commerce no.: 52648281
Dutch VAT no.: NL 850535487 B01
UK VAT no.: GB 141650635

We're fully compliant to EU standards and national webshop regulatory organizations such as Stichting Thuiswinkel Waarborg (NL), BeCommerce (BE), Bundesverband des Deutschen Versandhandels (DE), SafeBuy (UK) and Trusted Shops (FR).

European Head office address:

SAM International B.V.
European Head Office
Ohmweg 2
4104 BM Culemborg
the Netherlands

Tel.  +31 (0)344 820 236
Fax. +31 (0)344 820 237
e-mail.  service.nl@saminternational.eu

SAM online stores

SAM International te Beusichem

Our main office, located in Beusichem, the Netherlands.

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